FECTU Webinar: L'éducation et la formation du jeune cheval de travail - The education of the young working horse (Part 4)

  • Fourth (and last) part of the webinars about the education of a young working horse (in French). De Meulenaer Manu, 1955, Flemish, Belgian and proud of being. The horse has always galloped in his head. Young he saw the last working horses in the fields and streets. He reads a lot on the horse for lack of the "true". From these 25 years, he gives free rein to his passion and emotion "horse". In Germany he learned the Achenbach system at 2 and 4, in Hungary the Hungarian system and others at Fülöp Sandor. He became a driving instructor in Holland, Ad Aarts. He competed from 1982 to 2004 at 2.4 and in tandem, his personal hobby. He focuses especially on the instruction of the driver and the young team horse first but very quickly on the young working horse. He is the co-author of several driving manuals. But his greatest pleasure is training young work horses to harness. The horse instructs him on the techniques to use, but he trains them first alone ... they must walk on their own legs ...

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