FECTU Webinar : Abel&David Ibañez: Animal traction in the market garden with a single animal (EN/ES)

  • In this webinar, Abel & David Ibáñez introduce us to the most common animal traction tools and techniques in the Valencian market garden, recognized for its specialization and productivity, and which is worked generally with only one animal . The webinar will be live from the field with real demonstrations of the techniques and tools. Abel Ibáñez Martí (39) is president of the Spanish Association of Animal Traction (ANTA La Esteva). In addition to being a renowned farrier and animal trainer for both work and performance, he is a professional horticulturist who has worked with horses for many years. David Ibáñez Martí (26) has followed in his brother's footsteps, specializing as an equine farrier and podiatrist; in the last European Farriery Championships he has been top 10 in the first and top 5 in the second. Since he was little he has worked on the family farm, where everything is done without motorized machinery. The webinar is in Spanish and English

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