Draught Animal Power .... An Overview

  • Animal power world-wide Domestic work animals exist in all regions of the world. Animals assist in eliminating poverty, reducing drudgery and creation of wealth. Animal traction is particularly important for food security in smallholder farming systems. Animals can assist directly with crop production (ploughing, planting, and weeding). Food production, distribution and rural trade are also assisted through animal-powered transport (on-farm, marketing, riding, pack transport). Animals save household (women and children) time and effort by carrying water and fuel wood. Animal power can also be used for water-lifting, milling, logging and land excavation and road construction. Many different types of animal are employed, particularly cattle (oxen, bulls and cows), buffaloes, horses, mules, donkeys and camels.


Animal power is expanding in Africa. It is widespread and persistent in Asia and Latin America.
Animal power has many benefits.
Women, men and children all benefit from animal power.
Animal power is a forgotten solution.
The technology is simple and reliable but needs attention.
Animal power is sustainable and environmentally friendly.
Animal-powered transport: profitable, increasing production and stimulating development.
Well-managed animals are dependable power sources.
Animals are complementary to other power sources.
Animal power issues should be encompassed within development strategies.
Animal power can be sustained by the private sector if a favourable policy environment exists.
Animal power needs a positive image.
Animal power can be improved through participatory methods.
Animal power can be developed through collaboration.
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