Horse Progress Days 2019

  • The purpose of Horse Progress Days is to showcase the complete line-up of the latest equipment innovations and hitching techniques in the Draft Horse Industry. There will be educational seminars and clinics to guide you on your journey with Draft Animals, whether you are just getting started or are looking for ways to broaden your knowledge.

    Professionals from around the world will be sharing valuable information from round pen training to seminars on horse farming and related topics.

PferdeStark 2019

  • August 24th and 25th, 2019 - Castle and Domain Wendlinghausen
    The "PferdeStark" is the European Version of the US-HorseProgressDays.
    Nowhere else in Europe you will find more modern horsedrawn machinery and equipment than at PferdeStark.
    And this not only in displays but also under realistic working conditions.

    "If you want to put a finger on the pulse of the current cart horse scene in Europe, then this show of heavy horses at work is compulsory viewing. Unlike so many events featuring big horses, the theme is firmly focused on the present and future. Nowhere else can you see such a wide variety of new machines and the horses to pull them. (…) Apart from being a practical shop window in its own right for horses and horsemen from all over Europe, a opportunity to meet old friends, make new ones and discuss ideas and problems in an open and informal fashion rarely encountered at more conventional agricultural shows, PferdeStark has a wider significance. For so much effort to have gone into developing practical new equipment, harness and other requirements for the working heavy horse indicates to me that there is a real revival of interest in such animals. An interest that is no longer an exercise in nostalgia, but a positive belief in the future." (Charlie Pinney, GB)
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