FECTU Webinar - Thinking but not Learning: Issues around concepts of sustainability illustrated through the example of working animals

  • The next webinar will take place on 17th March, at 5pm UK / Portugal time, 6 pm Central Europe time.

    This webinar will be an exposition of the conflicting definitions, meanings and practical realities of sustainability. These issues and some of their profound implications will be illustrated through attitudes to, and understanding of, the role of working animals.

    Dr Roger Cutting

    Education Lead for The Donkey Sanctuary, UK.

    Visiting Research Fellow for the University of Plymouth

FECTU Webinar - The education of the young working horse - Part 2

  • FECTU Webinar - The education of the young working horse

    FECTU will present one more webinar next Wednesday
    17th of February, 18.00 pm, Central European Time

    Presented by Henri Spychiger.

    Henri was a school teacher, an agricultural engineer and one of the last cavalry officers trained by the Swiss Army. For 38 years he produced milk on his farm in the Swiss Jura, at an altitude of 1.200 m above sea level. He did all the farmwork with Franches-Montagnes horses, but also bred and trained horses, mainly of this Swiss breed. The FM breeding society elected him as it’s first chairman. He also trained people and all his life he was a strong supporter of animal traction, for ecological, societal and mental reasons. Today his activities still are closely linked to the use of horses: riding, driving a horse-drawn sledge for tourists, giving training courses in logging etc.
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