Horse Progress Days 2018

  • The purpose of Horse Progress Days is to showcase the complete line-up of the latest equipment innovations and hitching techniques in the Draft Horse Industry. There will be educational seminars and clinics to guide you on your journey with Draft Animals, whether you are just getting started or are looking for ways to broaden your knowledge.

    Professionals from around the world will be sharing valuable information from round pen training to seminars on horse farming and related topics.

Practice days Horse drawn hoeing technique in market gardening

  • Horse drawn hoeing technique in market gardening

    On August 27 and 28 will be held the IGZ pratice days about horse drawn hoeing technique in market gardening. Organized by the working group „Agriculture“ of the German draft horse association IGZ, this meeting will take place on two organic vegetable growing farms in Eastern Germany, 50 km to the east of Berlin.

    Practitioners as well as all interested people in market gardening with draft horses are friendly invited.

    Together, we want to look at traditional and modern equipment, test it, discuss the pros and cons as well as exchange our experiences. Single and two horse implements from Germany, France, Italy and USA with various tools like hillers, weed harrows, duck foot shares or finger hoes will be used.

    Draft and support force measuring on the different implements as well as a workshop about designing a new horse drawn tool carrier complete the program.

    For further information, please open the following flyer or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Tel. 0049 177 4737272).
(Tel. 0049 177 4737272).
  • Abstract Spanish Jornadas prácticas de horticultura con Tracción Animal Moderna

    El 27 y 28 de agosto tendrán lugar unas jornadas prácticas de horticultura con Tracción Animal Moderna. Están organizadas por el grupo “Agricultura” de IGZ (la asociación alemana de tracción animal), y se realizarán en dos granjas ecológicas en Alemania del Este, a 50 km al este de Berlín.
    Los profesionales, así como todas las personas interesadas en el cultivo hortícola con caballos de tiro son bienvenidas.
    Juntos, queremos ver las herramientas tradicionales y modernas, probarlas, discutir los pros y los contras, así como intercambiar nuestras experiencias. Se utilizarán herramientas de uno y dos caballos, procedentes de Alemania, Francia, Italia y EE.UU. con diversas herramientas como gradas de discos, gradas canadienses, diversos tipos de rejas o desherbadoras de dedos.
    Se tomarán medidas de la fuerza de apoyo y tiro en los diferentes instrumentos.
    Completa el programa un taller sobre el diseño de un nuevo portaherramientas tirado por caballos
    Más información en el cartel adjunto o contacte This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Tel. 0049 177 4737272).
  • Abstract French Journées pratiques
    Technique de binage à traction chevaline en maraîchage

    Le 27 et 28 août auront lieu des journées pratiques de l’IGZ au sujet de la technique de binage à traction chevaline en maraîchage. Organisée par le groupe de travail « Agriculture » de l’association allemande de chevaux de trait IGZ, cette rencontre aura lieu sur deux fermes maraîchères en Allemagne de l’Est, 50 km à l’est de Berlin.

    Acteurs de terrain ainsi que toutes les personnes intéressées au maraîchage avec chevaux de trait sont cordialement invités.

    Ensemble, nous voulons examiner du matériel traditionnel et moderne, l’essayer, discuter les avantages et désavantages ainsi qu’échanger nos expériences. De l’équipement à attelage en simple et en pair de l’Allemagne, de la France, de l’Italie et des Etats-Unis avec différents outils comme des buteuses, herses à étrille, socs à pattes d’oie ou bineuses à doigt seront utilisés.

    Des mesurages de forces de traction et de support sur les différents outils ainsi qu’un atelier au sujet du développement d’un nouveau porte-outil compléteront le programme.

    Pour de plus amples informations, veuillez ouvrir l’affiche ci-jointe ou contacter This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Tel. 0049 177 4737272).
  • Author IGZ
  • Language English
  • Country Germany
  • Year 2016
  • Start Date 2016-08-26
  • End Date 2016-08-27
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    “TRAIT COMT’EST” la manifestation internationale de l’Energie Cheval - 2016 en France

    • “TRAIT COMT’EST” international heavy horse meeting 2016 in France

      The Association for the Promotion of the Comtois Draught Horse (Association de Promotion du Trait Comtois) is organizing a large international draught horse event in summer 2016. It will take place in the Département of Nièvre in Burgundy, on a 40 hectare site at the Ferme de Marault.

      From August 26th to 28th about 400 participants and 250 horses representing 12 teams from different countries will compete against each other, to demonstrate the versatility of draught horses. Amongst the competitions, driving single horses, pairs and four horse teams, as well as marathon driving, ploughing and logging are scheduled.

      The European Championship for Horse Logging will also take place at the event.

      In addition, the newest developments in using horses as a renewable energy source will be presented - a demonstration area for horse drawn machines and manufacturers as well as those offering horse powered services; demonstrations with commentary, lectures and the awarding of an prize for innovation.

      Motorised vehicles will not be allowed on the grounds, people, equipment, feed and bedding for the animals, food and drink will be transported with draught animals and the rubbish will be sorted and recycled.
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