Standardization and performance evaluation of a pneumatic wheeled ox-cart for Central India

  • A pneumatic wheeled ox-cart was developed based on most common dimensions and payload capacity of conventional wooden wheel carts used in urban and rural areas of central India. Standardization of different components of cart chassis was done for a two-tonne payload capacity under different terrain conditions by using the commercially available standard components. The chassis has provision for mounting the different size of platforms required to transport the agro and non-agro materials and passengers. A water or oil tanker could also be mounted as required. During the performance testing on a tarmacadam road, earthen road and in field conditions, the draught and power requirement of a pair of the Malvi breed of oxen ranged from 867–920 N and 0.54–0.55 kW as payloads varied from 1.0–2.0 tonne, respectively. DAN-archive, issue nº 47, 2009

Utilisation of bullock draught power (INDIA)

  • Draught animal power still plays an important role in Indian agriculture. Traditional technlogies based on animal power are still in use for different agricultural operations in the rural areas of Mewar region of Rajasthan. The traditional implements and equipment are manufactured at village level by local artisans. Different agricultural operations based on bullock power including land preparation, sowing, irrigation, interculture and post-harvest operation like threshing, oil expelling and sugarcane crushing have been described. DAN-archive, issue nº 47, 2009
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