The New Horse-Powered Farm

  • In a moment when fossil fuel cannot be considered as a valuable energy source for the future any longer and when the enormous importance of small farmers around the world is increasingly recognized this book offers an overview of modern "tools and systems for the small-scale sustainable market grower". The author works as an experienced small farmer in the U.S.He describes in 335 pages all you need to know about working horses, farm fertility and the numerous different works that can be done with horses. A large range of tools and implements are presented and their use for producing all kinds of vegetables and fodder for the animals is explained. Contributions from other experienced farmers and many photos and illustrations enhance the book. A special chapter deals with the economics of a small horse-powered farm.

Permanent Farming Systems based on Animal Traction

  • This handbook explains how to farm with oxen or donkeys in tropical Africa. It provides information and advice about the housing, feeding, training and handling of the traction animals and about their health care. The vehicles and implements used for transport, plowing, harrowing, ridging, weeding, seeding and planting are presented and their use and maintenance are explained. The booklet also deals with soil and sustainable farming techniques for different crops and vegetables. A final chapter gives practical advice about farm management.
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