Invisible Helpers - The BROOKE

BENEFITS OF WORKING EQUINE ANIMALS ON WOMEN’S LIVES IGNORED, FINDS NEW REPORT It has found that working donkeys, horses and mules provide crucial support for women in developing countries but are being overlooked in international gender and livestock policy. The report Invisible Helpers was published by global animal welfare organisation the Brooke, which is calling for greater recognition of the role of working equine animals. An estimated two thirds of poor livestock keepers – approximately 400 million people – are women, and working equine animals have rarely been considered in livestock research. The study aims to fill this gap by reporting the perspectives of women from equine owning communities themselves on the impact these animals have on their lives. The report is based on discussions with focus groups and individuals in Ethiopia, Kenya, India and Pakistan. It found that working equine animals help to lessen the burden on women’s lives, providing a ‘support system’. Over three quarters of the groups (77%), including all of those in Kenya and India, ranked donkeys, horses and mules as the most important of all their livestock. They generate income, help with household chores, give women an increased social status and, importantly, help women collect food and water for other livestock.

Modern Horse Drawn Equipment

Presentation made for the 6th International Colloquium on Working Equids - ICWE, Delhi (India) 2010 by Erhard Schroll (Starke Pferde-Verlag, Germany) supported by the European Working Horse Association FECTU. The listed equipment will be updated continuously. It will never be complete, but shall give an impression of what´s going on in the horse drawn industries world wide. Only machines are shown which run without any engines. If anybody get information (pictures, data) on another new machines and implements please contact the publisher, we will add it to our list.
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