Permanent Farming Systems based on Animal Traction

This handbook explains how to farm with oxen or donkeys in tropical Africa. It provides information and advice about the housing, feeding, training and handling of the traction animals and about their health care. The vehicles and implements used for transport, plowing, harrowing, ridging, weeding, seeding and planting are presented and their use and maintenance are explained. The booklet also deals with soil and sustainable farming techniques for different crops and vegetables. A final chapter gives practical advice about farm management.

Hand labor, tractor labor and horse labor: a question of power and scale

"To understand why we farm the way we do today it is important to look back to where our agriculture began and how it changed. From there onward we can look at the question: Why do we farm or why would we want to farm with live horse power in small scale vegetable farming? When we look at hand labor, tractor labor and horse labor as three different power sources,where do horses fit in? From the historical perspective to a present day perspective we can shine new light on having (a) 'four legged employee(s)'."

Colloquium Draft horses in market gardening

Colloquium Draft horses in market gardening This event is aimed at all persons interested in the use of draft horses in small scale market gardening. Date: 5 September 2015 Place: Farm Albano Moscardo Via Lazzaretto, 98 37133 VERONA (ITALY) For the registration or additional information in Italian, please contact +39 (0) 45 52 78 99 or For the registration or additional information in German, English or French, please contact +352 691 266 155 or Further information about the tested machines can be found under respectively
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