Schaff mat Päerd

Since June 10, 2015 the webpage of the non-profit association SCHAFF MAT PÄERD ( Working with horses) from Luxembourg is online. SCHAFF MAT PÄERD's primary goal is to generate synergies and to transfer technologies about new implements, improved harnesses as well as new methods of communication with horses. The webpage ( in English, French, German and Italian) provides information about: - the research on the welfare of draught animals - the development of new equipment for animal traction - the publication of new items on the subject of animal traction equipment and the welfare of draught animals -the knowledge exchange aiming to improve the living and working conditions of draught animals.

Attelages bovins d'aujourd'hui

This French blog provides information about working oxen for practitioners and enthusiasts: videos, contacts, events, websites etc. Although it is focused on the current situation in France it also gives access to old archives and refers to the use of working oxen in other countries.

La traction animal

An updated illustrated practical guide to animal draught. The book is enriched with results from recent experiments and comes with a CD-ROM containing additional information. Draught animals are still widely used in many developing countries, where smallholders often still work by hand. Draught animals can reduce the laboriousness of human work and lessen poverty in developing countries by facilitating soil cultivation and transport. Animal traction boosts the productivity of agricultural labour and contributes to the sustainability of mixed systems combining crop and animal production on small family farms. This updated and illustrated practical summary of knowledge on animal traction is enriched with results from recent experiments into animal well-being, producer and craftsman associations and environmental impact. Practical solutions are proposed in all these fields. The book, which is deliberately succinct, comes with a CD-ROM containing additional information: technical advice notes, reference texts, case studies and photographs. It is primarily intended for producers, technicians and development staff, but is also a reference tool for tutors and students in higher education. Philippe Lhoste is an agronomist and zootechnician specializing in animal traction, and is currently Director of the Agricultures tropicales en poche collection. Michel Havard is an agronomist at CIRAD, working on agricultural mechanization, producer dynamics and agricultural advice services in sub-Saharan Africa. Éric Vall is an agronomist and zootechnician at CIRAD, working on the sustainability of mixed crop-animal production systems in sub-Saharan Africa, who previously studied draught animals and the dynamics of innovation in terms of animal traction. La traction animale Philippe Lhoste, Michel Havard, Éric Vall Éditions Quæ, CTA, Presses agronomiques de Gembloux Agricultures tropicales en poche collection 2010
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