New horse-drawn seeder

The prototype SmP Kombi-Séi 1.2, a new concept of a single horse multi-purpose seeder, has been selected on 11 January 2017 for the "Innovation Arena" of TP Organics. TPorganics is one of the European Technology Platforms (ETP), officially recognized by the European Commission and dedicated to sustainable farming and food production. (for further information see link below)This implement has been developed and built by the non-profit association "Schaff mat Päerd." A corresponding 12-page test report in English was published on 28 December 2016. It can be ordered under the link below.

Colloquium Draft horses in market gardening

Colloquium Draft horses in market gardening This event is aimed at all persons interested in the use of draft horses in small scale market gardening. Date: 5 September 2015 Place: Farm Albano Moscardo Via Lazzaretto, 98 37133 VERONA (ITALY) For the registration or additional information in Italian, please contact +39 (0) 45 52 78 99 or For the registration or additional information in German, English or French, please contact +352 691 266 155 or Further information about the tested machines can be found under respectively

Utilisation des ânes pour la traction et le labour

The booklet, based partly on former publications by donkey specialists, is meant to inform the user about all facets concerning donkey labour: characteristics and care of the the animal, training, harnessing, hitching and the different uses as pack- or traction-animal, including equipment for agricultural work and transport. Understanding is facilitated by numerous illustrations.
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