DAN “Sign Up” Guidelines

1. Click  on the sign up button on top of the web page:

SU img 1
Then the Sign up form will show

2. Fill in the Account details. The Username and password are used to Log in later in order  to submit the contributions, so please, don’t forget them. A valid email address is required to register, and will be the one used to resend the username or reset the password if needed.

SU img 2
The tick box to receive Newsletters is ticked by default. Unclick it if you don’t wish to receive DAN Newsletters. You can apply or cancel this service at any time.

3. Fill in your Personal Details, if wished.

SU img 3
4. Fill in the Additional Details.

Publishing your email address depends on your choice. Your agreement for publishing your  e-mail address would be appreciated as it encourages further contacts and networking.

SU img 4
Click on the REGISTER button once all the fields marked with an asterisk (*) are completed. The rest may be left in blank.

5. You can always modify or update your details using Login in and clicking on the “My account” button:

SU img 5

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